Problem Resolved and a Cash-Out from SocialSpark

SocialSpark is one of the website that I joined to monetize my blogs. SocialSpark is a good website and they are reliable when they are paying your approved paid posts.

Anyways, for those who do not know, SocialSpark is a website that offer bloggers great way of monetizing their blogs. Bloggers that are using SocialSpark are assigned to various opportunities (opps) that are available on their site. Opps are posted by advertisers and bloggers can only take those opps based on the blog’s pagerank and the requirements of the advertiser. For blogs will low pagerank, it is hard to get paid post from advertisers on SocialSpark.

Also, SocialSpark only allows to cash-out their earnings when they reached 50 dollars.

Last year, SocialSpark upgraded to new version. Before the upgrade, I already accomplished a few opps and earned some money. But because of the 50 dollar minimum cash-out, I was not able to get my money from SocialSpark.

Last December 4, I logged in to my SocialSpark account and noticed that my earnings were gone (0 dollars). This prompted me to contact the SocialSpark customer service. I sent them this message.

What happened to my previous earnings in the old Social Spark? Is the old Social Spark still existing?
I have a certain amount in the old Social Spark but when I look at my earning balance it shows that I have 0 balance. What happened to my money in the old SocialSpark? Please clarify this.

By January 3, I received this reply from them:

Hi Ishmael,
Per your request we have manually cashed out your v1.0 account. You should see the $xx.xx balance reflected in your PayPal account shortly.
All the Best,


I am glad for their prompt reply. And I am also glad that I got my earnings from the old version of SocialSpark. Great work SocialSpark and I will continue working with you.

If you have similar problem like mine, the best way you could do is to contact SocialSpark and then they give your money that was not cashed-out in the old version of SocialSpark.

6 Response to "Problem Resolved and a Cash-Out from SocialSpark"

  1. hey nag manual cash out din ako for my remaining SS balance,...
    too bad SS is officially gone... i hate their new version naman... you cannot send request na to advertisers to let you write a review for them.... tapos ang daming requirements para isubmit yung blog.. like the google analytic and iba pa

    Hmmm..ganun ba? Kainis naman. So, pahirapan na talaga mag SocialSpark ngayon.

    E dati nga madalang ako magka-opp sa kanila. Malamang mas madalang ngayon. :-(

    JMom says:

    Thanks for this post. I hadn't signed on to SS for over a year and just realized that I still had money in there, almost $50. I just sent them a message today so I hope that they will will send my my cash-out like they did with you.


    I am glad that I am of some help to you. It is good that you already sent them a message. You worked for that cash and they must let you get your money.

    Thank you for the visit.

    Can I cash out though less than $50 yung earnings ko? How/

    Hello Miss Chievous,

    Yung old SocialSpark ba yung tinutukoy mo? Kung oo eh pwede ka mag-manual cash out para makuha mo yung remaining balance mo sa SocialSpark.

    Sa new SocialSpark naman, point system ang pinapairal. 1 point is equal to 1 penny. So kung may 500 points ang isang opp ay $5 ang katumbas na presyo nuon. You can still cash out if you have less than $50 sa new SocialSpark kaso may $2 fee.

    Cash out sa new SocialSpark can be requested sa SocialSpark.