New Real-Time Update "Widget" on Facebook

Facebook is continuously adding new things on its interface and features. The most popular feature that was added lately was the VideoChat. A friend of mine already used the Video Chat feature of Facebook to chat with her friends abroad.

Now, I noticed another new thing when I made my usual visit to my Facebook account. Here is what I saw:

Please click on the photo to see a better view of the image.

Facebook added a widget to the right side of my Facebook "Home" page. The widget shows the latest updates from my contacts in Facebook. The widget is being updated in real-time.

If you click on one of your friend's updates on the widget, you will see this:

Please click on the photo to see a better view of the image.

The status update will expand to show you the whole thread. Using this feature, you can easily comment on the thread without the to look for it one your FB Home page.

This new feature of Facebook is pretty neat because you can see the updates from your friends in real-time. It will also be helpful for the FB users to see friend's updates that were already buried by loads of other FB statuses and updates on your FB page.

Their is only something that makes me think with this new feature of Facebook. It looks very similar with Twitter.


Frustrating Blogsvertise's Grab Bag Task Error

Finally! Blogsvertise gave me a chance to participate in its Grab Bag task. Blogsvertise did not just gave me one, but gave me two Grab Bag Tasks for each of my blogs. I have two blogs enrolled in Blogsvertise so this means that have four Grab Bag Tasks that I can grab on my Blogsvertise.

So, how did I know that I had a Grab Bag Task? Well, whhen I looked at my Blogsvertise dashboard, I noticed that there are small bags shown right after the name of my blogs.
Blogsvertise Grab Bag Task

I happily clicked one of the bags and accepted one Grab Bag Task. My joy was replaced with frustration when I saw this on my computer screen.

"error occured 10"

Darn! I thought that Blogsvertise gave me a bonus but it seems like the system has some problems.

I checked the Blogsvertise FB page and this is what I saw:
Blogsvertise Error comments in Facebook

Other people are also complaining of the error that is being shown when Grab Bag Tasks are clicked.

Reana Claire's comment truly defines my current situation with Grab Bag Tasks of Blogvertise. "I can only 'drool' but cannot click accept."