Blogger Crashed Again

Yesterday, when I visited my blogger account, I was directed to a page containing this message:

The message says, "Ang Blogger ay kasalukuyang hindi magagamit." (Blogger is currently unavailable)

I had a scheduled post yesterday for my persona-travel blog but I can't post it because of the problem in Blogger. I don't know what caused the crash but this is the second time I experienced it with Blogger. The first time is when comments went missing.

During the course of the crash, all blogs on Blogger platform are on read-only status. No one is allowed to put new blog post and no one is allowed to place new comments. Some of the new posts where temporarily removed. Some comments went missing too.

When I visited my blogs today, I observed that everything is back to normal. Well, that should be the case based on what the latest update from Blogger says:

We’ve started restoring the posts that were temporarily removed and expect Blogger to be back to normal soon.

I do hope that all my blog posts and the comments on my blogs were all restored. I will have a hard time checking if some of them are missing.

I do hope that Blogger improve their system to prevent this kind of crashes in the future.