Create Your Blog's Disclosure Policy

I use my blog to generate income. I placed advertisements from Google Ads and Nuffnang. However, the one that give me the most income is by writing a paid article that I post on my blog. Paid articles are articles that are paid for by a person or company so that a blogger will post a review or a blog post on his blog. Usually, paid articles contain links that go directly to the advertiser’s website. Opps, which is the term used for prospective paid post article from an advertiser, is easy to write and can be obtained from InPostLinks, Blogsvertise, SocialSpark and similar websites.

However, there are Paid Article websites that requires a blog to have a Disclosure Policy before they accept any blog to receive opps from them. SocialSpark and InPostLink are few of those websites that require a disclosure policy.

What’s a disclosure policy? Well, it is just a written article, posted on your blog disclosing that you accept paid articles on your blog or that your articles may be biased to the advertisers that bought an article from you.

It is not hard to create a disclosure policy for your blog. All you need to do is to go to website and follow the simple instructions there.

For a better insight, read the Disclosure Policy of my personal/travel blog.

4 Response to "Create Your Blog's Disclosure Policy"

  1. ooh i did that last time for my previous one, but not yet for current one. :) you are monetizing your old blog. :-)

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