Bad Bloggers

I read an article from Inquirer Sunday Magazine about a gang of bloggers who takes advantage of blogging and their online influence to get perks from establishments, specifically restaurant.

The writer of the article interviewed a restaurant owner/manager and revealed the modus operandi of these bad bloggers. According to the restaurant owner/manager: bad blogger came in to their restaurant, ate like a regular customer and left. After some days, a positive review of their restaurant was posted on bad blogger's site. Then someone called the owner/manager on the phone and asked for payment for the positive review of their restaurant. The owner/manager refused to give in to the caller's demands. On the following day, bad blogger returned to the restaurant, ate like a regular customer and left. After that, a negative review about the restaurant was posted on bad blogger's site. At the end of the Inquirer article, the owner/manager admitted that the incident made him afraid of all blogger.

Though I sympathize with the restaurant owner/manager, I disagree to his fear of bloggers. Not all bloggers are like that extorting bad blogger. There are many bloggers out there who write about the restaurants they had dined in and they write honestly without asking for any reward. I, for instance, write about the food I tasted and restaurant I dined in. I write based on what I experienced and without malice and I know that there many bloggers like me who write without malice.

However, bloggers like Bad Blogger should not be tolerated because they destroy the image of good and honest bloggers. Blogging's prominence is rising in the Philippines and it seems like evil persons are using their new found influence to extort money and other things.


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10 Response to "Bad Bloggers"

  1. bad blogger??

    ohmy! there's such blogger eh? so bad! :(


    You made me smile because of your instant visit. :-)

    Yeah, so sad that there is such kind of bloggers.

    They tarnish the image of all bloggers.

    but do u noe recently there's an Indian Restaurant at my state sued Google n a blogger who wrote bad review about his restaurant. this is worst. :/

    yeaa. it caused other bloggers affected to the case too. :/


    Well, if the blogger wrote something malicious then he must be punished. But if just says that the food is not good, then he should be punished because it is his opinion.

    If they do not want negative review, then they should make their food better and make their services better.

    They should treat the comments as constructive criticism.

    foongpc says:

    Yes I agree with you not all bloggers are bad, and most actually write honestly about the food they ate : )

    foongpc says:

    I think I prefer to read blogs where the bloggers are not paid to write reviews. Normally the paid ones write mostly good things about the restaurants.

    Ouch! That hurts Foong. Hehe...I write paid posts. :-)

    Yeah, not all bloggers are bad there are always black sheeps who are ready to ruin the image of all bloggers for unjust gains.

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