How to Improve Your Writing Skills

As bloggers, our main weapon is our writing skills because text articles are still the meat of blogs. Thus, developing good writing skills is very important in blogging.

Many people are afraid to start a blog because they are afraid to be criticized for their poor writing skills. This should not be the case since writing is not an inborn talent. Even great writers and authors start from stupid or uninteresting piece of work. Great writers developed their skills through perseverance and hard work.

You could be a good writer too and here are some tips to help you develop your writing skills:

1. Write Regularly

“Practice makes things perfect.” That saying is also true in developing your writing skills. The best way to improve your writing skill is to write regularly. Compare one of my first blog posts and one of the latest blog posts on my personal/travel blog.

As you could see, the first blog post is terrible. The grammar is terrible and the topic is very personal. The second post, on the other hand, is better and lengthy as compared to the first blog post. The topic is also less focused on the self and more focused on the facts that my blog visitors will like to read.

Writing regularly on your blog will surely hone your skill. You can practice your grammar and make you write confidently. The more you write confidently, the more you can relate yourself with your readers.

2. Start with Topics that You Know Intimately

When I started blogging, I write mostly about my self and my “romantic struggle.” As time pass by, I learn to write about other topics that I know well. From writing about my self, I progress to writing about the things that surround me and then writing about my travels and other things that I know of, personally.

Writing on a topic that you know intimately is very helpful because your knowledge on that topic will give you confidence. You will not fumble around the things that you write on your blog because you are confident that what you are writing is correct.

You can expand to other topics as you develop your writing skills. You can include topics that you are not that knowledgeable of as you improve. However, to be able to write good on those topics, you will need to focus on the next.

3. Read to Write

Ideas in our mind can be exhausted. There are days that writers are stump and can't produce ideas. This experience is called "writer's block." You can avoid this if you are a fervent reader. Yes, reading!

A goood writer does not only have time for writing, but also has time for reading. Reading is like recharging your minds with good ideas that you could use when you write a blog post. Reading will also help you in broadening your horizon and in adding new knowledge to topics that you don't know well. Also, reading other people's work could help you in choosing what writing style to use because you will be exposed to different writing style.

4. Be engaged in a discussion

For several times, I got involved in heated debates on Facebook. Debating with other people online, were arguments were thrown almost real time, will help you build an articulate mind.You will learn to look for the weakness of your opponents arguments and you will learn to use logic in making your counterarguments.

Also, by discussing with other people, you will learn the value of doing research, which is valuable when you are writing an article even if it is just a blog post. It is a plus for a blogger like you to develop an articulate and logical mind so as to make you capable to write a better blog post, especially if you are a political blogger.


Of course there are other tips that will help you in becoming a better writer. However, the tips I enumerated here are the vital tips that you will need in creating better blog posts or articles.

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