How to Defeat Writer's Block

There are times when I can’t accomplish anything when it comes to my blog. I just stare in front of my computer but my mind can’t give me any thought that can jumpstart my writing. No matter how much I squeeze my mind, nothing seems to come out of it.

Yes, sometimes I experience “writer’s block” and this is the common enemy of bloggers. So, what can I do to avoid having “writer’s block?” Here are some of the things that I do:

1. Take a Break and Let Your Mind Wander

Sometimes, our mind is just too exhausted that it can’t give you any idea or motivation to start you writing. Maybe, you are just tired from work or you did not slept well. The best solution for this is to take a break. You can sleep, or just play a simple game with your PSP or Nintendo DS.

All you need is to take a break from writing and let your mind wander off. According to an article I read from “Wired Science,” many “eureka” moments of scientists occur when they let their mind wander for a little bit. Maybe, all your mind need is a little bit of daydreaming to give you that “eureka” moment to jumpstart your writing.

2. Read about the Topic

Writer’s block may also stem from the fact that you don’t have any idea on what you are writing about. This problem happens to me every time when I was assigned to write about a topic that I remotely know about.

The solution for this is to read about the topic that you need to write about. This will give you ideas and will surely help you in writing your article.

3. Take Notes of Your Ideas

Sometimes, ideas suddenly pop-out in inconvenient places. This usually happens to me when I ride a bus home.

Previously, whenever ideas pop-out of my mind, I just let it stay in my mind because I believed that I will be able to remember it when I am at home. However, I was wrong, because after a few minutes, the idea fades away from my mind and I totally forgot about it when I reached home.

So as not to lose those ideas, I make sure that I type it in my cellphone so that I will be able to retrieve it when I am at home. Taking notes helped me create a list of topics that I will post on my blogs. Because of this, I always have something to write about.


These are some of the things that I do to avoid “writer’s block.” How about you? What are the things that you do?

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  1. True! I also do the same thing. Whenever I'm on the road and an idea pops out, I usually type it on my phone so as not to forget it.

    Yeah! :-)

    Cellular phones are very handy to type a quick notes on your ideas.

    empi says:

    Same with me.

    Very true ! At certain time not a single word can be retrieve not on posting an entry even on comments. But at times words keep pouring out non stop..haha tQ.

    Thanks for the visit Empi.


    Haha...yeah, I know what you mean.