Why is Your Blog Showing Public Service Ads?

For whole week, I noticed something weird on my blog. The weird thing is that I noticed that my blog Before the Eastern Sunset is showing public service ads from Adsense. That problem is not exclusive to that blog alone but is also shown on this blog.

I observed it for one whole week and did not do anything because I thought Google Adsense is just having problems. I also thought that Google Adsense blocked my blogs for reasons unknown. I just let the public service ads be because I don’t have much time to fix it until this weekend.

Look at the Kiva Microfinance ad at the upper-left corner.

I visited my Google Adsense account and I saw this warning:

The problem is that I forgot to input my Adsense PIN to my account. I received my PIN more three months ago through mail but I somehow forgot it. Thankfully, I did not lost it and updated my Google Adsense account.

Now, the Adsense ads on my blogs are back to normal again.

4 Response to "Why is Your Blog Showing Public Service Ads?"

  1. foongpc says:

    Oh! So that's the reason. Good thing you had it rectified & thanks for sharing : )

    You are welcome Foong! And thanks for dropping by.

    You pointed out a good topic that we often see in different blogs. We find irrelevant public services ads in many blogs that are irrelevant in that blog. People should avoid those things.

    @Logo Design Canada:

    Blohhers should control the ads that are shown their blogs to make sure that those ads are related to their niche or the topic of the blog posts.