Request Your Google Adsense PIN to Cash Out

Last month, I have seen an error on my Adsense account that goes like this:

According to the error, Google Adsense is now requiring publishers to verify their Adsense account by inputting their Personal Identification Number (PIN). Getting the Adsense PIN is important because Google requires it before the publisher could cash out from his/her account.

I guess Google’s insistence on verifying the Adsense account is in connection with the measure of the US government to put tax on online incomes of US citizens.

To get your Adsense PIN, all you have to do is to request for your PIN and fill out your address information in your Adsense Account. Your Adsense PIN will come by mail within three weeks after you filed your request.

My letter from Google containing my Adsense PIN.

After receiving your Adsense PIN via mail, all you have to do is to input your PIN so to enable you to cash out from your account.

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