Things that You should not Do in Facebook

In the previous post, I talked about some ways to ensure the safety of your Facebook account from hackers and identity thieves. Now, we will talk about some things that a Facebook user should/must not do on their Facebook accounts.

As the Facebook increases its popularity in the Philippines, peculiar news related to this social networking site are becoming more common. I heard of a news report of a woman who complained to the police that someone is scattering her naked photos online. She admitted that she uploaded her naked photos so that her foreigner friend in Facebook could see it.

There other news like that and many of those incidents could have been avoided if they just followed these tips:

1. Don’t post status updates or comments that you may regret later.

News today is abuzz with a certain Mai Mislang, who is a speechwriter of President Noynoy Aquino. Mislang was in hot water after posting tweets that takes pun of Vietnam during the president’s state visit at that country. Mislang’s tweet not only shamed herself but also shamed the president, who is now out defending her.

What happened to Mai Mislang is also applicable to all Facebook users. Never post status or comments that you will be ashamed of in the future. Never post status or comments that is incriminating and might be used to sue you.

Before posting anything, always think what your love ones or even your children (or grandchildren) will think of you once they read those posts.

2. Don’t Upload Naked Photos of Yourself

I talked about a certain woman who is now ashamed because somebody is scattering her naked photos in the Internet. The rule of the thumb is to never upload any of your private photos in Facebook, especially those photos that shows you naked or doing private “activities.”

Facebook may have security features that you could use to restrict the persons that could view your private or naked photos. However, always remember that there are times when bugs and other problems arise in Facebook that could disable these security features and will leave your private or naked photos exposed to the public.

3. Don’t Let Applications or Add-ons Access Your Account

There are so many applications in Facebook. Some offer fun games and other give perks to the users of that application. There is catch with those applications, however, because these applications will always require you to let the application access all of your personal information, even those that are protected by security settings.

Be wary of these Facebook applications because phishers use these applications to gather personal and private information and sell those information to interested buyers.

4. Don’t Place Detailed Personal Information

Join Facebook just for the fun of it and don’t place detailed information of your life there. In the address info, placing your current city and country would be enough. Don’t place your full address. 

Facebook may require you to place your cellphone number and e-mail address. That is fine because that is a requirement, but you must make sure to adjust your privacy settings so as to keep those information from being seen be people other than your friends.

Also, don’t overshare information. Your contacts or friends might want to know your thoughts or what you are doing, but I guess it is not ok to put in Facebook that you are in the CR and defecating. You should also remember that your Facebook wall is open to all of your Facebook contacts. Never post anything that is just intended for a few people. You could always use private messaging for those things.

5. Don’t be too Trusting

Many people became victims of criminals in Facebook because they are too trusting. Wake up! Their many posers and pretenders in Facebook. The profile picture that you will see may not be the actual person who owns the Facebook account. Many sexual predators befriend women and children in Facebook and lure them into meeting up with them.

Be careful with the people you meet in Facebook. Don’t give your 100% trust to anyone in Facebook if you just met or befriended that person in Facebook.


These are just few things that you should not do on Facebook. Of course, there is so much more things that you should avoid. If you have more of these things in mind, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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9 Response to "Things that You should not Do in Facebook"

  1. -=einz=- says:

    Agree. Don't be drastically carried away in posting status making fb ur online diary. Its good to let others know what we are feeling at the moment, but take note to limit what we are sharing because not all stuff about you are worth reading. You're just making yourself too bold and sometimes a laughing stock for others.

    Ahaha... funny seeing others cursing their enemies, or may 'pinatatamaan'... parang "eng-eng" lng. =P

    Correct Einz.

    Facebook should not be used as a sort of Diary because not all events that occur in your life should be publicized. Unless you are like Kris Aquino and you can always get away from the mess that you got yourself into.

    Thanks for the visit. ^_^

    There are really things that should be kept private...
    Those who upload their naked photos online are idiots.... or maybe they are desperately looking for attention... or maybe they just want to be discovered

    You are right Blue.

    Many people are careless. However, for the case of that lady posting her naked pics, she was tricked by her Facebook "friend" into believing that he is a rich foreigner looking for a girlfriend.

    I think she is desperate to get rich.

    foongpc says:

    Thanks for the tips! You know I am a private person and I don't even put my photos on Facebook, Haha!!

    Does that mean that I could only see panda pics on your FB? :-P

    Me too...I am what you call a privacy pic. I rather not share personal info on Facebook because people do not need to know those information.

    Thanks a lot for pointing out those non-sense things that people often do in the Facebook. I think we all should be a bit conscious while using the Facebook.

    Yep Impact Design. This is for our own sakes. Better be safe than sorry.

    I don’t like to infuse words and view most of the time, but the one you have just make me want to smile and say, go ahead keep me up to date together with your thinking, nice post by the way