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One of the characteristic of a blogs is that it is like a diary. Its pages are sorted by the time and day that the blog post was posted, with the latest blog post placed in the first page of the blog and the older blog posts are placed on the next pages. Consequently, the older blog posts are not seen by the readers and authors of blogs that have too many posts forgets some of his/her old blog posts.

Old blog posts are important, especially if you have a new blog post that is related to that old blog post. There is important information that visitors to your blog could read and make his/her visit to your blog post more informal. It is also good that new readers will read your blog posts from the past.

The best way to re-connect to your older blog post is by linking to that blog post. One of the way to this is by using Linkwithin.

Linkwithin is a free application or widget that you could place to your blog. This widget automatically pulls related older blog posts and places them on the page of the new blog post. The application decides on what blog posts to feature by looking at the tags, relevance, and currency of the featured blog posts.

As of now, the application only generate up to five links. However, unlike its competitors, Linkwithin features a link with a thumbnail that have a picture from the featured blog post. This set-up of Linkwithin boosts the promotion of your old blog posts and is more attractive compared to its competitors.
 A blog post with LinkWithin widget

Setting-Up Linkwithin

Installing the Linkwithin widget is easy. The widget could be downloaded for free from the LinkWithin website. You just have to provide your e-mail address, the link to your blog, the platform of your blog, and the number of link that you want for each blog post.

Linkwithin supports Blogger, self-hosted site in Wordpress, and Typepad. A new window that contains instruction for installing the widget will appear. The instructions are easy to follow.

You have to wait for a while before the links will appear on your blog posts. The more blog posts that you have, the longer time you have to wait for the links to appear.

Internal linking, or linking to your blog posts in your blog is a good way to promote your blog posts and increase its rankings on search engines. This will also enable you to keep your old blog post from falling to obscurity. Linkwithin is a good way to do internal linking as it is automatic and has more attractive to look at.

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