The Best Color of Hyperlink

The creation of the Internet also entailed the creation of the hyperlink. The hyperlink is a character, word, or phrase on a webpage that takes the reader from the current webpage to another webpage. In HTML coding, the hyperlink is created by using the anchor tag that is referred to the Internet address of the webpage.

The hyperlink is an important blogging tool. It is used by bloggers to link to their favorite websites and websites of their advertisers on their blogs. It also serves as the venue for new readers to reach your blog after they clicked on the hyperlink (referred to your blog) from other blogs. This is the reason why many bloggers are asking for link exchange from other bloggers.

According to a study made by Chitika, Internet users usually associate characters, words, and phrase in blue font or color with hyperlink. The study explains that since the inception of the Internet, the color of the hyperlink had been blue. Because of this, Internet users had been “trained” to think all blue colored words on a webpage as hyperlinks. Because of this, the blue-colored hyperlink has a higher probability of being clicked than other hyperlinks of other color.

Thus, it best to keep you hyperlinks colored as blue on blog, especially the links of the ads on your site. Blue-colored hyperlink will generate more income than green-colored hyperlink, or any hyperlink with other color.

2 Response to "The Best Color of Hyperlink"

  1. foongpc says:

    Oh! I never thought of making hyperlinks in my blog blue in colour! Thanks for this info! : )

    ^_^ You are welcome Foong. But you do not to worry about the color of link on your blog. You have many dedicated readers there.