LoudLaunch Finally Accepted my Blog

I received an e-mail from LoudLaunch last week that told me that LoudLaunch finally accepted my travel-personal blog in its roster of blogs that will receive opportunities from them.

Frankly, I already forgotten about LoudLaunch because I applied to them months ago but never received any message from them. Well, LoudLaunch is back to my attention and I hope that it will contribute to my income stream.

LoudLaunch is a site that pays bloggers that post articles that contains links of their client-advertisers. It is different from other similar sites, like InPostLinks, because articles are required to be submitted to LoudLaunch first before it is posted on client-bloggers' sites. You can only post the paid article on your blog if it is approved by LoudLaunch.

I am yet to receive opportunities from LoudLaunch so I can't say if it is good. Well, I keeping my fingers crossed and hope that LoudLaunch is good.

1 Response to "LoudLaunch Finally Accepted my Blog"

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